Information on Registered GIs - Meat -

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2 Tajima Gyu / Tajima Beef
Tajima Gyu / Tajima Beef
Meat Hyogo Prefecture 2015/12/22
3 Kobe Beef
Kobe Beef
Meat Hyogo Prefecture 2015/12/22
25 Tokusan Matsusaka Ushi
Tokusan Matsusaka Ushi
Meat Mie Prefecture 2017/03/03
26 Yonezawa Gyu
Yonezawa Gyu
Meat Yamagata Prefecture 2017/03/03
28 Maesawa Gyu
Maesawa Gyu
Meat Iwate Prefecture 2017/03/03
55 Miyazaki Gyu
Miyazaki Gyu
Meat Miyazaki Prefecture 2017/12/15
56 Omi Ushi / Omi Gyu
Omi Ushi / Omi Gyu
Meat Shiga Prefecture 2017/12/15
58 Kagoshima Kuroushi
Kagoshima Kuroushi
Meat Kagoshima Prefecture 2017/12/15
67 Kumamoto Akaushi
Kumamoto Akaushi
Meat Kumamoto Prefecture 2018/09/27
71 Okukuji Shamo
Okukuji Shamo
Meat Ibaraki Prefecture 2018/12/27
77 Tokyo Shamo
Tokyo Shamo
Meat Tokyo Metropolis 2019/05/08
83 Hiba Gyu
Hiba Gyu
Meat Hiroshima Prefecture 2019/09/09

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