Yatsushiro Tokusan Bampeiyu

Yatsushiro Tokusan Bampeiyu

Registration Number 94
Name of the GI Yatsushiro Tokusan Bampeiyu
Class Fruit
Date of Protection 2020/03/30
Producing Area Kumamoto Prefecture
Yatsushiro City, and Hikawa Town, Yatsushiro County
Applicant – Name and Address

Yatsushiro GI Brand Promotion Association

2690 Furushiro Town, Yatsushiro City, Kumamoto Prefecture

Producing Area

Yatsushiro Tokusan Bampeiyu is a large-size citrus fruit. Especially large one grows up to over 4 kg.
 It is characterized by strong citrus aroma, just right sweetness, fresh acidity, and favorable taste.
 Yatsushiro Tokusan Bampeiyu is popular as a representative winter fruit in the Yatsushiro region. It is also highly appreciated by markets as a gift including oseibo (1).

The variety Bampeiyu is used as a cultivar to produce Yatsushiro Tokusan Bampeiyu.
 During cultivation, it is pollinated by hand at the time of flowering in order to promote fruiting and enlargement, and fruit thinning is practiced in order to promote fruit enlargement. In addition, pruning and bagging are performed to improve the appearance.
 Shipping standards require that the fruit is 15 centimeters or more in diameter, and the skin is fully colored for the most part. However, fruits which are more than 50% damaged due to injuries and pests are used for processing.

The Yatsushiro region is suitable for the production of Bampeiyu due to its fertile, well-drained soil and abundant water, in addition to long hours of daylight, warm climate, and little frost in winter thanks to the ocean breeze from the Yatsushiro Sea (2).
 The region has a long history of cultivating large fruits such as pomelo.
 Bampeiyu is considered to be native to Polynesia and Malaysia, and it was introduced to Japan in 1930. Following its introduction, it took a long time to find a suitable area for cultivation in Japan, but in 1951, it was planted in the Yatsushiro area, which was then confirmed to be suitable for its cultivation. Since then, local farmers have established cultivation methods and other techniques required for the production of large fruits of Bampeiyu.
 Yatsushiro Tokusan Bampeiyu has maintained the quality defined in shipping standards established in 1965, and continues to be shipped as a local specialty. Since 2014, it has been exported to Hong Kong and is also used as a gift in spring festival or chun jie (3).
 Approximately 90% of Bampeiyu production in Japan is currently carried out in the Yatsushiro region, with annual shipment of 800 tons as of fiscal 2018.

    1. Oseibo in Japan, people customarily give gifts twice a year to "express appreciation" to people who have looked after them. Summer gifts are called "ochugen", while year-end gifts are called "oseibo".
    2. Yatsushiro Sea: An inland sea off the west coast of Kyushu, the third largest island of Japan's five main islands, extending over Kumamoto Prefecture and Kagoshima Prefecture, and connecting to the Ariake Sea to the north and the East China Sea to the south. With the inlet having deeply indented coastline, or rias, Yatsushiro Sea is said to be the most closed inland sea in Japan.
    3. spring festival or chun jie : The New Year according to the Chinese calendar, this is celebrated in regions such as China, Taiwan, South Korea, Mongolia, Vietnam, Singapore, and Malaysia.

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