Otake Ichijiku

Otake Ichijiku

Registration Number 93
Name of the GI Otake Ichijiku
Class Fruit
Date of Protection 2020/03/30
Producing Area Akita Prefecture
Nikaho City
Applicant – Name and Address

Otake Fig Association

24 Aza Shimogo, Otake, Nikaho City, Akita Prefecture

Producing Area

Otake Ichijiku is a small fig that maintains a green skin even when it is ripe.
 It is mainly processed as candied figs, jam, compote, and sauce.
 Otake Ichijiku's beautiful color, rich aroma, lusciousness, and firmness, which is enough to maintain its shape after cooked, are appreciated since it is suitable for various processed products. Thus, it is traded in higher prices than those of corresponding figs shipped from other areas at the same time.

Otake Ichijiku figs are cultivated in the producing area using the Brunswick variety or a variety with similar characteristics. They are harvested while the fruit is firm, and sorted by size for shipment.
 Shipping standards require that rotten and deteriorated ones from scratches and/or over-ripeness are not to be shipped.

In central and southern regions of Akita Prefecture, it has been a well-established tradition to use unripe home-grown fig fruits to make candied figs as preserved food for winter.
 Although figs are generally sensitive to cold, Nikaho City is located on the southern coast of Akita Prefecture, where snowfall is relatively light and temperature is high compared to the other regions of the prefecture. Such geographical conditions enable to produce figs.
 Since around 1975, the producers, producer's associations, local government, processors and other related parties have collaborated for the purpose of responding to local demand and establishing the region as a production area. They also have led the initiative in improving the quality and expanding the production of figs for processing use.
 As of 2017, the growing area of Otake Ichijiku is approximately 16 ha.

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