Daiei Suika

Daiei Suika

Registration Number 80
Name of the GI Daiei Suika
Class Vegetables/
Cereal grains/Pulses
Date of Protection 2019/06/14
Producing Area Tottori Prefecture
Hokuei Town and Kotoura Town in Tohaku County, and Kurayoshi City
Applicant – Name and Address

Tottori Chuo Agricultural Cooperative
(JA Tottori Chuo)

1409 Koshidono Town, Kurayoshi City, Tottori Prefecture

Producing Area

Daiei Suika, which has been cultivated for more than one hundred years, is a watermelon that has been cultivated until about the 48th day after pollination and is fully ripened.
 It is characterized by having little variability in shape and a small difference of sugar content between the central part and the rind side of the fruit.
 Daiei Suika has received a high evaluation from the market for its stable quality and supply.

For the production of Daiei Suika, a variety that is selected through test cultivations in the producing area by a producer's group is grown with protection against rain using a pipe house or an open-field tunnel. The number of fruits per plant is limited to 2 or 3.
 Watermelons are shipped as Daiei Suika, only if they have been cultivated until about the 48th day after pollination to be ripened, and satisfy all the shipping standards as following; 1) the weight per fruit is 3.0 kg or more, 2) the sugar content is 11 degrees or more, and 3) the fruit is without rottenness, deterioration, or disease.

The producing area of Daiei Suika is situated at the foot of Mt. Daisen (1), the highest peak in the Chugoku region. The soil is formed by andosols, which are fertile with good water retentivity and permeability, and is thus suitable for watermelon cultivation.
 The producers' group made organizational efforts over the years, such as standardizing the cultivar, production method, and shipping standards, as well as ensuring inspection prior to shipment through tapping each watermelon and establishing a cooperative fruit-sorting system. These actions have led to today's stable quality of Daiei Suika.
 The term "Daiei" in Daiei Suika comes from the former Daiei Town. In 2005, Daiei Town and adjacent Hokujo Town were integrated into Hokuei Town. Because the name and reputation of Daiei Suika had already been recognized widely at the time of integration, the watermelons have continued to be produced as Daiei Suika without changing the name.
 In recent years, the cultivation area is expanded; Daiei Suika watermelons are also produced in Kotoura Town and Kurayoshi City, which have the same soil conditions as Hokuei Town.

  1. Daisen: With an altitude of 1,729m, Mt. Daisen is the highest peak in the Chugoku region and a symbol of Tottori Prefecture and is included among the "100 Famous Japanese Mountains" and the "100 Landscapes of Japan". The mountain and environs are designated as Daisen-Oki National Park, where visitors can enjoy mountain climbing and so on.

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