Hetsuka Daidai

Hetsuka Daidai

Registration Number 57
Name of the GI Hetsuka Daidai,Hetuka Daidai
Class Fruit
Date of Protection 2017/12/15
Producing Area Kagoshima Prefecture
Kimotsuki Town and Minami-Ōsumi Town, Kimotsuki County
Applicant – Name and Address

Kagoshima Kimostuki Agricultural Cooperative

1-1 Shirasaki Town, Kanoya City, Kagoshima Prefecture


Producing Area

"Hetsuka Daidai" is a native variety of citrus fruit that has grown wild in the production area since long ago. Although the word "daidai" is in its name, it is different from a variety generally called "daidai".
 Its small fruits in comparison with daidai have a thin, smooth skin, and are very juicy. Their peel has a characteristic fragrance similar to that of limes, while their juice has a soft acidity and a gentle, airy fragrance.

"Hetsuka Daidai" are a native variety of citrus cultivated within the production area. Further, the cultivation is conducted according to the "Hetsuka Daidai Cultivation Method" recommended by Kagoshima Prefecture.
 Harvest is undertaken by patrolling the orchards and determining the appropriate harvest time.
 The shipping standard allows fruits to be shipped to market as "Hetsuka Daidai" if the fruits do not have any serious defects such as "belonging to different varieties", "being spoiled / deteriorated", "suffering from disease / insect blight" or any other "damage".

The origin of the name "Hetsuka Daidai" is the "Hetsuka Settlement", which was formerly an isolated area surrounded by mountains and the ocean.
 Access to the "Hetsuka Settlement" was difficult before roads were constructed, so contact with surrounding districts was limited. Therefore, the utility value of "Hetsuka Daidai" were formerly known only to locals.
 Thereafter, in the township of Kimotsuki and Minami-Osumi, so as to promote "Hetsuka Daidai" as a specialty product limited to the local region, the sale and transport of nursery stock to other areas has been prohibited. Therefore, "Hetsuka Daidai" are not cultivated anywhere other than those two towns.
 In the production area, they are an indispensable part of everyday eating habit as they are used for making "tsuma" (1), "citrus vinegar", etc.
 "Hetsuka Daidai" have been used as a local specialty product from long ago, but since 1992 local organizations (producer groups and government agencies) have joined forces to promote the selection and planting of superior lines and to seek the expansion of the cultivation area and quality improvements.
 In 1997, a farmer's group of "Hetsuka Daidai" was organized and to this day, people in the area continue working as one towards improving production techniques.
 In recent years, annual production has reached 50t, some of which has started being shipped to markets outside the local area, thus recognition of the fruit is gradually increasing.

  1. Tsuma: Garnishings that are served with sashimi etc.

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