Information on Registered GIs - Fruit -

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1 Aomori Cassis
Aomori Cassis
Fruit Aomori Prefecture 2015/12/22
30 Higashine Sakuranbo
Higashine Sakuranbo
Fruit Yamagata Prefecture 2017/10/20
33 Oita Kabosu
Oita Kabosu
Fruit Ooita Prefecture 2017/05/26
38 Iinuma Kuri
Iinuma Kuri
Fruit Ibaraki Prefecture 2017/06/23
42 Kito Yuzu
Kito Yuzu
Fruit Tokushima Prefecture 2017/09/15
46 Sakurajima komikan
Sakurajima komikan
Fruit Kagoshima Prefecture 2017/11/10
54 Kagawa Obarabeniwase Mikan
Kagawa Obarabeniwase Mikan
Fruit Kagawa Prefecture 2017/12/15
57 Hetsuka Daidai
Hetsuka Daidai
Fruit Kagoshima Prefecture 2017/12/15
72 Koge Hanagoshogaki
Koge Hanagoshogaki
Fruit Tottori Prefecture 2018/12/27
75 Tsuruta Steuben
Tsuruta Steuben
Fruit Aomori Prefecture 2019/03/20

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